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How to send z wave command directly via the terminal

Have bought Aeotec Doorbell 6 and have been using hours trying to get this to work.
Tried settings sounds etc. via Zensys Tools and it works but you have to it via a USB Adapter.
But the Animus does not support these new classes out of the box, so wanted to know if any of you have tried sending z wave command directly via the terminal?

The documentation is lacking to say the least on the Animus.

This is the command I have to set.

From Zensys Tools it is done like this.

  1. Click and highlight your **Doorbell 6

  2. Select “Node Info” button (4th button on the left)

  3. Now open up “Command Class” tab on the right side of the software
    4 Select:

  4. Input these Values:
    Source End Point: 00 // leave as default
    Res: 00 //Don’t touch this, this does nothing.
    Destination Endpoint: 02 // Tamper Switch endpoint of Siren or Doorbell 6, you can use this to control sound of your button or other alarm options

  • Endpoint 02 - Tamper Alarm sound

Bit address: 00

Command Class: 79 //Sound Switch Command Class

Command: 05 //Sound Switch Configuration Set Command

Parameter: 00 01 //Volume #5 (as 05) Sounds #01 (as 01)

  • Volume is a range between 00 - 65 (in hex which is 0 - 100 in decimal or easily seen as 0 - 100%)
  • Sound can be a range between 00 - 1E (or decimal value of 1 - 30 or sound #1 - 30).
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