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Animus Heart?

I feel like a fool... anyone else?

I bought the Heart because it was Swedish and small manufacturer in hope it was fast developing and bringing all our smart devices a new life.

But I feel I did not get any of this. I feel like the hardware is good, but what about the integrations and the support for devices? The news and the awareness from the Animus team is zero to none…

Maby its time for you guys to make the hardware an open platform? Because I think I will return the hardware if this is the way you think you can run this company?



I bought the heart for the same reasons, and think it is a good enough product it was worth its prize. Is it communications you are disappointed in? No monthly newsletter and so on?

Which devices do you miss that was presented through their webpage as compatible before you bought the device? Didn’t you read what is was before you bought the controller?

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I have kind of the same feeling too, though I still like the simplicity of heart, and low price, and hope for stability, which are the main reasons I bought it (2 pieces, Christmas present). Those are important steps to democratize smart home. I miss openness in the HW and SW so community can compensate for missing features (I’m currently working on an exporter to influxdb). I was also hoping for regularly support of new 433Mhz sensors (those are cheap) but it looks like the list is rather static and I never get feedback on my requests. I don’t require positive feed back, but at least a feed back.

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I did read, and understood. But It was silly of me thinking all 433 devices actually would work. I dont understand why? And Wifi-devices? The easiest coding, and so few compatible devices.

But thats not my main concern, its like the development stands still and they are focusing on other products? I dont know, I think they should be more active and more responsive to the customers. I have not even get feedback from suggested devices.

And Why, and why didnt they start with all common stuff like from Kjell and Clas Ohlson?
Not even the staff selling the product knows what devices are compatible… ;(

Hi Anders! If we take this first. :slight_smile: the short answer is that 433 mhz only is how the signals is transferred. The signals uses a protocol to be able to get different devices to understand each other. Hmm… Let’s do an example…

Think of 433 mhz as a phone, just because you can make a phonecall to china it doesn’t mean that you can communicate. You have to know the language (protocol) to make yourself understandable. You could of course also use other ways to communicate ex. e-mail (that we for example may in this example could pretend to be wifi or 868 mhz devices) but it’s hard to mail to a phone and wise versa. You need someone in the middle that knows many languages and can recieve an phonecall and forward the information by mail to the person that’s receiving. The one in the middle is animus heart, homey or some other controller) of course the man in the middle try to learn as many languages as possible but some dialects and languages aren’t understandable. Some manufacturers chooses to make their devices talking some strange languages and dialects (protocols) even tho they communicate thru the same standard (ex. 433)

A great example of this is the devices from clas ohlsons own series of smart home appliances. These use a protocol named lightning4 and aren’t compatible with ordinary nexa/telldus standards which uses lightning2 as standard. Both 433 but not compatible. Some manufacturers do this to lock in the users to their specific brand.

This is also why some cheap xiaomi zigbee devices doesn’t work with hue or ikea. They both talk through phone but not the same language. In some cases devices talk the same language but not share the same dialect. Think like arabic language from different parts of the world, some words is the same and works both ways but some words is not understandable at all) this is how philips hue-devices are able to speak to some ikea trådfri devices. Totally different dialects but some words is the same that makes it possible to use the few words to communicate in a simple way.

I will try to continue to answer later today but have a little person at home demanding to be entertained :wink:


Alright, he’s asleep for a while… As I’ve heard the development doesn’t stand still at all but they have a policy not to give new updates everyday but instead update the heart periodically. I must ask which other products you mean? To my knowledge the heart is the only product the company animus home makes, in this area you maybe have other info than me?

If you feel that you are ignored that’s a shame tho. Have you suggest to their customer service? I didn’t see any of your suggestions in the suggestion-area of the forum but i might have missed out :flushed: please share the devices, maybe some other user agree as well and it will get a lot of likes and a bigger chance to get implemented :slight_smile:
We have more than one suggestion that ordinary users have supplied that has been implemented.

The answer why they didn’t focus on internal products from swedish stores as clas ohlson and kjell is quite simple. The :animusheart: isn’t built for only the swedish market but is available on other markets as well. That is why the forum is in english, we have users from other country’s.

The problem with store employees that doesn’t know what they are selling is as you say a big problem but not at all limited to animus heart. It sadly depends on the knowledge and interest of the individual employee. They often doesn’t get any courses on specific products. The examples of this is notable for everyone that has tried to talk to store employees when buying something nerdy from big generic electronic stores ( swedish elgiganten, media markt etc…) kjell employees is often better informed, mostly as i see it due to bigger technical interest.

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Yes I know about all the protocals and codings different devices use.
Im just a bit upset that I went from Telludus Live to Animus in hope of something better, and at the same time supporting our swe entrepreneurs. Maybe Telldus focused on developing all things to 433 and thats why almost every device I have found works with it. Thats the main reason to my grumpyness. I have the house full of them, and now they dont work…
But I will hold on and see what the future offers and try not to be as grumpy… Im actually more of a lemonade-guy…


I see, which specific decices aren’t working? :slight_smile:

None of my nexa motion sensors, and not my temp/humid and Cotech ip44 outdoor on/off and some others… :=)

Hmm… That’s a bit strange. I use nexa mimst 1703 sensors and they work just fine with animus. Is it not possible to pair them or what happens?

Thanks for your answers @Exxpert
I do also have cotech temp/hum sensors. Not recognized. Oregon sensors are not supported as well.

Which models of the sensors is it?

I’m using the product RFLink (see http://www.rflink.nl/blog2/) to decode the differents 433 protocols. Below the 433 sensors I’m currently using (together with Jeedom). I think the Cotech sensors use Tunex and/or Xiron protocol. It is this model https://www.clasohlson.com/no/Værstasjon-med-fargeskjerm/p/36-6832.

Yep, the truth is probably that easy that :animusheart: doesn’t support every of the 433 protocols available. But i dont think that any of these devices is noted as “compatible”?

It would be interesting to know tho which protocols that are supported by the heart :slight_smile:


I have the feeling that heart has been focusing more on actuators more then sensors.


I think you are correct, at least for 433. My experience is tho that the 433 sensors is quite slow and unstable… At least for me :thinking:

Also having Cotech ip44 :frowning:

It seems actually strange that clas ohlson choosed such a uncommon protocol in their 433 series. Lightning4 isn’t supported by nexa either :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I feel exactly the same. I have 10 temp sensors from Clas Ohlson (Tellstick Net says protocol: Mandolyn) and 5 wall switches from Rusta but they are useless now that Heart does not find them (anyone who has a solution?). The idea when I switched to Heart was that I would get new fresh features and skip Telldus “premium” subscription. I have a few days left on open purchase so I will probably return this one and buy a Tellstick Znet a little v2 instead, it is cheaper although I choose “Premium” as I do not have to buy 15 new units to cover those that do not work