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ID Lock 150 - i can lock and unlock the door, but no information of battery and alarms

ID Lock 150 - I can lock and unlock the door, but no information on battery and alarms.
I originally was getting notifications of opening and closing the door, but I am no longer getting notifications.

But the most important of all is that I get no information on battery left, alarms and etc. All that is returned is “N/A” and if I try to do an API call, it returns 500.

I can’t help you with information or a solution, but I’m interested in anything electronic lock related.

What happens if you press the “refresh” button on the GUI for your lock? Do you get the report?

No, the refresh button does nothing. I am complete unware of what its function as it seems to do nothing. I tried querying info about the “refresh” function using the api, however, it provides no useful information about this function. I would guess it does nothing.

Still no solution to getting any information, but I did get the notifications of door lock/unlock back after I rebooted animus heart.

Really wished the information about the battery and alarms was working.

I can get the battery from listening to the event sent by the door through the API, which is actually a preferred solution.
Since idc about animus interface, as I have my own, this thread is resolved for me.
Just note that it doesn’t work in any way on the animus online interface nor on the animus app.

The GUI and app uses the same socket for events on battery etc, however sometimes this socket is closed by the underlying system (browser).

The “refresh” button triggers a GET Report on each Z-wave function that is supported by the device, i.e: If the device supports Command Class Lock then the “refresh” will ask what is the current lock status. If the device supports Command Class Batteyr then “refresh” will ask for the current battery status.