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ID-Lock device not showing up in google home or Apple home kit

I live in sweden so this is maybe only for them but one of my devices dose not show up in google home or apple home kit so it is very strange. Can It be solved my any means? It is very strange because I can see the animus heart “light” device.

Hi! A bit late, but haven’t noticed this interesting question untill just now. ID lock 150 is in the supported devices list ( https://animushome.com/sv-SE/partners ) but I guess you’ve got to have the z-wave module? Have you managed to get it to work? Anyone else use this? What do you think?

For me, the only Z-Wave devices that work with GA are bulbs and outlets.
Maybe other devices won’t match any generic device type supported by Google?
Or it has to do with the fact, that the manufacturer of all Z-Wave devices show up as “Default Z-Wave Manufacturer” and this is also the information that the Heart tells GA.
Just theories, finally, this question has to be answered by a developer.

If you want to take a deeper look, open the Web terminal of the Heart and keep a look at the log output on the right side, you may find an entry like this when synchronising your devices with GA, which i found to be an indicator that your device won’t work:

warning 2020-01-25 09:54:20 #bid160 - Found no fitting device type for com.animushome.heart.packages.zwave.devices.010F-86