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ID Lock setting user codes not working

Hi everyone, new Animus user here looking for some help with my getting my ID Lock to work correctly. I have it connected to my bridge and can do things like unlocking and locking but when I try to set user codes, setting index 1 sets the master code for whatever reason, index two beeps in the lock but seemingly does nothing and all other indexes do nothing. If anyone has any idea on what this could be due to (and maybe how I can fix it) then I’d really like to hear!

(Off-topic, but another question: I can only get s0 connections to work and I’m wondering if that’s a communication error or if the lock simply doesn’t support s2. If it doesn’t, that seems pretty bad to me but maybe someone could shed some light on this too. I’d rather not have anyone break into my home :sweat_smile:)


I don’t have any answers to your question. But I’m curious because I’m thinking about buying one. Will read the ID lock documentation when I find the time.

I had problems with setting user codes from z-wave, it did work once at least but lately I have been entering the user codes from the lock it self. One problem I was stuck on for a while was that it was not possible to change a user code, you had to delete the old one first and then create a new. It was the same on the lock it self. If you have not updated the firmware in the lock I would start with that.

I have been having general problems with connecting devices that supports S2 to the Heart. They have mostly been connected with S0. But the z-wave module for the ID Lock does not support S2.

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