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Animus Heart?

IFTTT compatible?

Hello there!

Does anyone here know if The :heart: is compatible with IFTTT? Am i able to controll my future :heart: with IFTTT?

Don’t know, but would be useful to integrate my old Wemos by!

I know that there have been discussions in the team about ifttt but haven’t heard much info in this matter lately.

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I think there are more important things to spend developer time on. Stability should in my opinion be first, then maybe UI features like more grouping and storting options some people requested is low hanging fruit, or someone mentioned bluetooth, logging and graphs has been requested too. There are no lack of other interesting features either. But that’s just my feeling, based on the fact that it’s taken this long for someone to request.


I think that you are right :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello guys. Do I read a small small hint about stability problems in this thread? :yum:
Has any of your comments from January changed after latest update? Can you share some more comments of what you miss most or what is not yet supported as needed?
I plan to swop from Zipato to Animus and worry I will create more issues then I solve.

About IFTTT (as discussed) I would think there should be a way to trigger both directions using Webhooks (previously named Maker) with standard POST/GET/PUT commands thru an API. With Zipato this is easy but only possible to do with the virtual devices in the system. So any real device would need to be linked with a virtual device thru an automation if you want to control to or from IFTTT.

Thanks! Hänning

@henning.cederquist Hi! I wouldn’t say stability issues, my device is solid. A coupe of the more advanced users on the forum has some thougts about when you have a lot of FLIRS devices or something, they seem to do a good job of trouble shooting together with the Animus Home guys.

My concern was more with new features and upgrades, and the problem that could occur if not enough beta testing has been done before release. Development shouldn’t be rushed too much. And with a given amount of time, one should choose to test and proove a few things stabile, rather than focus on creating loads of new things. Stability is the most important thing, and then different functions can be added if there is time.