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IKEA and HUE bulbs, how to see status if ON

I have IKEA (and other devices) bulbs, connected thru HUE-bridge (also have the IKEA bridge).
My problem is that when somebody turn on the bulb with the physical wall switch, it does’nt show in the Animus app that the bulb is on.
Is there a way to see this or get the signal to Heart app?

My issue is when I want to turn all lights in the evening, I don’t know what bulbs are on. So I manually turn them On, then Off. Then I know they’re at least are Off. But it seams like a “bad” way of solving the problem.
I just set a Routine to turn all bulbs (HUE and IKEA) on at 23:44, then a Routine to turn them all off at 23:45. Not the best solution :slight_smile:

Is there another way? Have I missed something in Heart?

Nope, it dont update the status. Samething with hue lights

Thanks for the reply!
When I turn the bulb on in the Heart app, The HUE app changes/updates the status ON/OFF.
So, this must mean that its the Heart app that doesn’t get the “new” status from the bulb.
Does this mean there’s a bug in Heart?

Hi Christer!

No, it’s not a “bug” in that meaning that the function is implemented and doesn’t work. This has been talked about in an other tread, Animus Heart lightbulb communication [SOLVED]

Long story short, the function will most likely be added to the heart through an oncoming software update.

Hi Exxpert!

Ok, looking forward to that functionality in the upcoming update! :slight_smile:
Do you have more info when it will be ready for release?

The developers have given information about that the next update will be released in the close furture without to specify a precise date, which i belive is to ensure that the things works properly before release and don’t be locked to an specific date. Please note that I’m not an animus employee and don’t have more information than you do through the forum :wink:

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Thank for the input, and info! :slight_smile:
Let’s hope that the update will come soon…