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Ikea or Hue?

What is prefered to use with Ikea devices. Ikea or Hue gateway? Hahe hue right now.

It depends whether you need to update the bulbs or not. That cannot be done using Hue. Else there is little point in having an extra gateway

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For someone who doesn’t own either, which one is better? Of course everyone is going to have a different opinion, but let’s hear them?

If choice is based on performance alone, then definitely Hue, IMHO. Colors are deeper, dim range is better. But Trådfri is a really good complement as the bulbs are cheaper. I love the IKEA power socket, it will work wonders with the Christmas tree… :slight_smile:

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Following discussions in different groups online, it seems that Hue is much more stable and it also has a lot of more features regarding scheduling, zones etc. and there is no problem using Trådfri lamps with it. Whether it has full support for the Trådfri power-outlet I don’t know. Perhaps someone can fill this in?

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Say one plan on mostly getting Trådfri stuff, wouldn’t the Trådfri gateway be better suited? But as soon as you get one Hue product you are better off with the Hue gateway? How about accessories? And the IKEA connected blinds, Fyrtur and Kadrilj?

A somewhat old thread, but can give some options/ideas? Maybe someone here knows more about recent compatibility?