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Animus Heart?

IKEA Trådfri Gateway

Any plans on adding support for IKEA Trådfri gateways?

PS. Why does a Topic require 15 chars minimum?


Welcome to Animus Talk @jhjelmqvist! :slight_smile:

The plan for IKEA Trådfri remains the same. We will support the GW. However, there is still no official launch date.

There is a minimum for the topics to prevent poorly describing titles. It can become a problem when multiple topics are created with a simple title like “IKEA GW”.
Nevertheless, I changed the requirement to min 10 characters. I might change it back if we feel the topics are not being explanatory enough.

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+1 on Ikea GW support

please prioritize this, When it opens for cheap lighting from IKEA

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Hi Anders, and welcome to forum!:slightly_smiling_face:
If you have a standard hue-bridge the lights of ikea already work.

In theory yes. In practice, getting Ikea bulbs to work with hue is a challenge.

Is it? I have 42 zigbee-lights at home and maybe 3 of them are hue original. Will try to make a light tutorial when i get a couple of minutes over. But i don’t usually use the heart to integrate them but a third party app for android in my phone.:slightly_smiling_face:


Just the fact that you need a tutorial proves my point :wink:

I have about 20 Ikea bulbs. I also have a Hue GW which I intended to use since it was supposedly more stable and with better software …
I paired about five Trådfri bulbs which took ages with numerous retries for each bulb. They also lost their link to the GW every now and then.

I then bought a Trådfri GW and I paired them all within 5 minutes and it has been working flawlessly since.

Using Trådfri bulbs with a Trådfri GW simply is an easier and more stable solution. That’s why native Trådfri support is preferred and I also think it’s deceiving to say that you support Trådfri when in fact it is Philips Hue you support.

First off, i haven’t tried any Trådfri or Hue products, so I won’t comment on it being easy or hard. With that being said, you are probably right. Native should be easier! But you basically asked for a tutorial, there are none yet :wink: The need is probably still unclear to those who knows how to do it easily. Exxpert is just a nice guy!

Update on the IKEA Trådfri Gateway integration
It is fully developed and will be launched in the next big update (no date set yet). Undergoing testing until then.


The thing is that i often has added tradfri-lights through and with help of touchlink. The reason for the touchlink-thingy is due to what i think is a difference in the application-profile between the hue original and trådfri zigbee 3.0 standard. That for example makes the pairing quite hard (But thanks to @vato and the rest of the team of developers we soon have a working link to tradfri for easy use)

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i have 21 ikea spotlights on a HUE bridge (yes it is the same room and light group) with 1 HUE controller, works like a charm. If I were to do this with Ikea GW I would have needed 3 switches… I rest my case, use HUE bridge

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