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IKEA Trådfri/GW Bulbs outdoors?

Does anyone use the bulbs from ikea in outdoor fixtures?
And if so, how do they chain over distance?

I’ve read on the HUE and their bulbs, and they state max 50 units connected.
Trådfri max 10 units+1remote.

I have 3 IKEA trådfri in 3 different lamps :slight_smile:
Hue on the ground floor, one lamp on the middle of the house, and one lamp approx 20 meters away, and one lamp only 7-10 meters away.
One 433 outdoor switch turns on the lamp in the trees.
The distance is quite long for the 433 switch, Animus is on the top floor, like 20 meters away from the switch.

Works like a champ

Can be more frustrating with some 433 switches that not always turn on, but put a timer for one second, then turn on again. What 1 s, turn on again. Works.

Sometimes I have a feeling that the 433 switches need a wait time, if sending all request at the same time, wont work, but if adding a timer = will work


I use GU10 IKEA trådfri in all my outdoor lights. Works fine.

Hello all and thanks.

Do you have the Trådfri or Hue bridge?
Or perhaps standalone?

I have a Huebridge :blush:

Decisions became harder now :slight_smile:

I have a totalt about 35m to cover.
I use Bolthi system for my garden lights(guiding lightning as you see when you need to walk), but have considered using their spotlights to make illuminating light(for when you need to guide airplanes land :smiley: )

I also have though of making 2 circuits, one for the garden lights, and another for the illuminating.

Fixtures are not cheap, but neither is Bolthis system.
Already have 230v in a few places.

Gotta go sleep on it.
Btw, ever used a z-wave on/off for builtin behind lightswitch in a ip67 enclosure outdoors?
Does it heat itself enough to be happy?

HUE paired with Animus, works great. The biggezt problem is to have the HUE to recognize new lamps. All ouside lamps is IKEA.

My tip is to pair the lamps inhouse in the same room as the HUE bridge.
More than once HUE will not pair, but then I can find the lamp in Animus.
A couple of tries in HUE, then go over to Animus, then it works!

Have Boltis/Jula and whatever name transformator. Cable to the lamps (Bolti), and a 433 mhz switch for outdoor use. Works perfect.

Yeah, that is what i have right now.
I have a few telldus outdoor https://www.jula.se/catalog/el-och-belysning/elinstallation/plug-in-produkter/fjarrstrombrytare/fjarrstyrt-uttag-011423/
They are placed about 7-8m away from heart and it works fine for now anyways.