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IKEA Trådfri light bulbs [SOLVED]

I recently bought some IKEA Trådfri light bulbs, but I’m having trouble adding them to my :animusheart: .

I’ve tried with light bulbs already paired with my Hue bridge, light bulbs that have previously been paired with the Hue bridge successfully and then reset, and with light bulbs straight out of the box (never paired with the Hue bridge). And I’ve tried around 20 times each way, as the instructions state that as much as 15 attempts may be required to add them. But no luck…

I checked the log and found a great number of these log statements being repeated:

May 04 10:17:11 INFO    #84 Animus Home Device Wizard - Starting wizard 'Ikea' for adding a device
May 04 10:17:17 WARNING #19 Apache Felix Http Jetty - com.animushome.heart.service.wizard.impl.WizardWebsocket :: Unhandled Error (closing connection)
May 04 10:17:48 ERROR   #91 Philips Hue Package - Failed to create Hue bulbs
May 04 10:17:49 ERROR   #91 Philips Hue Package - Failed to create Hue bulbs
May 04 10:18:00 ERROR   #91 Philips Hue Package - Failed to create Hue bulbs

It doesn’t clarify much more than the fact that an “unhandled error” has occurred, but I guess it might be related to my problems.

Any ideas or tips?

@jklingstedt Hi and welcome to the forum😊
Now to topic… You could try a workaround… Of Course it should work but you could try to remove them again from bridge, factoryreset the bulb by press power of bulb on/off 6 times. It will then blink once to confirm it’s reseted. Download the app “hue essentials” from google play store. Go to lights in that app and press + and press touchlink, you must keep the light REAL close to hue-bridge. When bulb fades in and out, press the button next over to search for lights. It will find a bulb, (after the light is found you can press back and look for it in the list) rename it by press the pencil up to right. Then go back to animus app, add hue light, and choose bridge, you will see a list of lamps already added and a light that not has been added. Mark that light and choose to continue and it should be added in lights section of animus app.
Ask if it does not work, sometimes you will need to press “touchlink” button more than once to get the bulb to fade in and out before you search for lights…

Good luck!

I was lazy with my initial post not fully describing what I’ve tried and what I haven’t…sorry…

I have…
…successfully added the light bulbs to the Hue bridge, both using the official Hue app and the Hue Essentials app, using the touchlink stuff
…removed them from the bridge again
…factory reset the bulbs with the on/off procedure and confirmed the reset
…tried to add the bulbs (both new bulbs, out-of the box, and ones currently paired with the Hue bridge and ones previously paired and reset) in my :animusheart: using Add -> Philips Hue Devices -> Next -> Next, getting the message “There are no bulbs associated with this bridge”
…tried to add the bulbs in my :animusheart: using Add -> Ikea lights -> Next -> Next -> Next -> Start pairing , getting the same message as above - “There are no bulbs associated with this bridge”

A lot of text here, but basically I’ve tried everything in the procedure you described (thanks!!).

Sorry that i have been away but i would suggest to take direct contact with support for professional help.

This was resolved by removing the Philips Hue Bridge and re-adding it. Dunno why that made any difference though…