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IKEA TRÅDFRI Sockets & drivers

Please add support for IKEA TRÅDFRI sockets and drivers. I think many people would be happy if the :animusheart: supported it.

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Are you sure it doesn’t support it? According to online sources its possible to pair tradfri-sockets with the latest firmware to philips hue by use touchlink. (App: hue essentials for example)

Edit: i have written a little on how to do it in a other tread change “light” to “socket” :wink: :smile:

Thanks. I will try pair the sockets via the Hue App. I’ll be back when I’ved tried it.

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I haven’t tried pairing tradfri with the philips hue-app. Just the hue essentials app

If the firmware is updated you don’t need the Hue app. You can add it in the Animus app.
If the firmware isn’t updated, you need a IKEA gateway to utdate it first, then it will work through Animus app and Hue app.

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But isn’t that just the case for some old Trådfri bulbs? I had to update some old bulbs but the newer ones and the sockets should have the latest update.

Can you point me go that because i can’t find it.
I think that the sockrets uses a different type of hue-protocol that the hue gateway does not support.

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My sockets din’t work when I bought them. Updated firmware through Gateway. Now Hue identifies them as bulbs, so now it works jast as a bulb. On and off. :ok_hand:


I see, then maybe I should buy the IKEA gateway and update mine. I thought I wouldn’t need to buy another gateway :unamused:

Earlier it has been possible to go to ikea warehouse to get it updated, don’t really know now…:thinking:

ok tried here but no luck with newest firmware, how did you manage to add it?

@johan.alvedal Have you tried through touchlink?

No i Will try tonight only got iOS in my phone but got a tablet with android

I have never personally get the official hue app to pair any of my trådfri lights. Keep the in outlet close range when pairing with hue essentials through touchlink. Starts to ge quite interested on this matter and think i will buy an outlet for myself, just to try. :grin:

Hi! As I remember I used the Animus app as usual, Choosed IKEA, Choosed bridge, connected the plug to a outlet with an on/off switch, Resetted the switch by toggleing the switch 6 times as when learning a lightsource. (Or maybe I used the IKEA switch to turn on/off 6 times, not really sure)
But resetting is the key. I can try it in the weekend if you don´t succed. I’ll just buy another one and connect it during the weekend. Just let me know if you don’t succed.

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It worked perfectly now. What I did was make sure I drove with a paper clip in the hole to reset the switch.

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Moved the whole tread to “help and support” due to the fact that this problem has been solved.

Yes it’s possible to get them updated on a ikea warehouse but the closest one from where i live is 100km :neutral_face:

I’ve tried resetting with a paperclip before and it didn’t work in the Animus Home app. Maybe I need to update mine?

Firmware v. 2.0.022 is confirmed to work with hue bridge. :blush:

If you want you can send them to me so can I update them.