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Animus Heart?

Increase range of 433

Hi Folks,

can anything be done in order to improve the range and reliability of the 433-part of the heart? Im getting very unreliable results from my Telldus temp+humid sensors.

(Im using the heart to automate my laundry room. I want it to control two dehumidifyers based off of the humidity of the room. but its rather hard when i get temp+humidity readings once or twice per 6 hrs)

So, can we open the device and solder on additional antenna or something?


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I have the same sensors and had the same problem. First I tried to move the sensor to another location in the room and that helped a little. Then I removed the sensor from animus and changed the setting to another channel and paired it again. And for now it seem to have done the trick. I get readings quite often now although it is not as reliable as my zwave temp sensors.

It seems like a lottery, i also has the same sensor and the same experience as you. BUT there is users that don’t have any problems at all with these sensors. Someting strange is it!

I wanna preform open heart surgery…

What channels are working the best for you all?

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Niklas, when pairing on the new channels, did the old channel remain in your interface? (does for me)

Seams like either the sensors (TSS320) are crap or the heart is crap (or just a crappy combination)

((If you pay peanuts, you get monekeys))

Now lets see if wee can get a bit better range…

Dont know if someone reads this or what ever, but now i have been able to connect to all 3 of my sensors. (Channel 4, 7 and 8).

Im not happy with the reliability, they are about 1-2.5 meters from the heart and and they report once per 1-3h.

Im looking for updates at least every 5 minutes…

Can anyone refer me to actually usable temp+hygro sensors?