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Integrating Animus into Home Assistant

I have been dabbling with Home Assistant a bit lately, with the aim to using it as an “umbrella” over things instead of the Animus as I have at the “top” today. One of the main reasons I am looking at Home Assistant is that it has a better multi-user approach to dashboards and other customizations (I don’t necessarily want the same thing on my dashboard as my daughter wants :wink: ). On top of this, Home Assistant of course also has a wider support for other types of integrations that I may make use of, such as my Harmony, my Car charger, etc…
But ideally I would like to keep my Animus as it is today, just have it reporting “up” to my Home Assistant. This is mainly due to my Animus having several 433 devices and some z-wave as well connected that really runs perfectly today, and have their own automations that also just work as they should etc. I am also running Home Assistant in a virtual machine, and as such I also don’t have any means to control 433 or zwave or anything from it directly as such without buying some additional hardware, which I guess is also a factor here. …

So have anyone managed to integrate Animus as to allow and control it from Home Assistant?

One way is to use the HA Homekit Controller integration. Unfortunately there is a problem with this at the moment. Every time the HA is restarted the integration is ”lost”. I am hoping this might be solved when Animus releases their Homekit bug fix.

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Thanks for the tip.
The first time I started playing around with my Home Assistant I saw the option to include my animus using the Homekit Controller integration, and I think I did. But since then I have reinstalled HA several times, and when I try to do that now it is not listed as an option to integrate with anymore. Well, as you mention it does not survive a reboot it is not something I would want to do anyway :slight_smile:

Updated Animus Heart. The integration still doesn’t survive HA reboot. Starting the journey of migrating my z-wave devices to HA.

Actually forgot I started this thread :open_mouth:
Fun fact, I hade the controller integration running when I updated my heart, and then it kept working across a number of HA reboots… I then did reset of the homekit happ on the heart, and integrated from scratch again, and now I am back with the integration not surviving a reboot of the HA anymore… sigh…
However, the fact that it does not survive a reboot of the HA is manageable for me as the reboot is always planned, and it just takes me a minute to add it back again (and dashboards stay working). But, the controller integration does not seem to integrate sensors at all, so I need to look elsewhere as well as I would like to include sensors in my dashboards…

I have narrowed my next purchase related to this down to either a z-wave dongle to my HA, or buying a telldus znet as a stand alone, as that seems to allow a local integration to HA. Kind of leaning towards the telldus as I like the idea of keeping my HA as an umbrella only, and that would also allow me to slowly move my 433 stuff over from the Heart.
What option did you take to get z-wave support in your HA?

I am running HA Z-Wave JS and a dongle. My plan is to move at least my sensors to HA.

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