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Integration of the Fibaro Double Switch 2

Installed a Fibaro Double Switch 2 a few days ago. A couple of things surprise me.

First I don’t understand why the heart configures three Switches (“Switch Root Device”, “Switch Endpoint 1” and “Switch Endpoint 2”).

IFurthermore, when pressing S1, the status in the Heart for “Switch Root Device” is updated and shown in the GUI. So far so good. However when pressing any of the S1 or S2, the status of the “Switch Endpoint 1” or “Switch Endpoint 2” in the heart are not updated. It seems that there is no way to catch the S2 status change by the heart.

Another funny thing is that the heart also configures “Multilevel control Endpoint 1” and “Multilevel Control Endpoint 2” for a device with no dimmer capabilities.

Finally, it would be much more useful if the Heart created two separate devices, one for each switch function rather that one device that you have to open up in the GUI to control the “Switch Endpoint 2”


Any solution how to get the double switch as two devices instead of one???

Can’t find it right now but didn’t @vato write about this in a different thread?

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@gabrielbarsom The double switch will be displayed as one device but all the functions are visible when you open it. Only the Root endpoint is displayed as primary function (the visible function without need to open the device). We are working on an improvement that allowes users to select multiple primary functions. This is not supported yet.


Thank you for the answer. I look forward for this functionality.


Trying to configure a Fibaro Switch 2, with momentary control from physical switches. No success so far. Any update on the update for this device?

I would like better support with Fibaro Swtich 2, missing Active power and energy metering and secure coms.

There is a known issue when using the physical buttons to control the switch. The Fibaro device doesn’t send the same command class report for the same functionality (i.e when controlling from GUI) which makes it difficult for the Heart to understand when the state is being updated. We haven’t found a proper solution to this yet. The current solution is to wait when the poll request is sent to get the updated state from these switches.

Any updates om this double switch issue?
I have a qubino flush 2 relays, and I have the same issue that the state change of switch 1 & 2 is not reported.
Switch 1 change is detected after 10-30 seconds, which is not exactly wife-friendly.
Switch 2 is not always detected.

Small update: I asked Qubino support if they had any suggestions, and they made a small video showing that the switch status updates after about 3 to 5 sec.
I still have anywhere from 6 to 30 sec time so the rest of the delay is either delays in the zwave network or in the handling in Animus?

Stiil no updates to the integration? I just installed a Double switch 2, it is still reported as one unit. I would really want each channel to be reported as two separate units with the possibility of having status reports from both! At the moment "Endpoint 2 is not reporting status if toggled by manual switch. Out of curiosity is there any other 2-channel relays available that can be integrated as two units with status reporting? It is not possible to see “Endpoint 2” in Google Home or Homekit either. (Homekit reports all signals as offline from Heart)