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Animus Heart?

Intermittent loss of power plugs

Hi, I have searched for and read what I can in this forum and think this might be a wider problem.

“Device is offline” would have been a better title but seems to close to some already used… :thinking:

I have started a Heart in parallel to my existing Telldus setup. It only concists of four plugs, a thermometer and a Aeotec multisensor. Everything seems to be working exept the plugs. They tend to go offline. The “Plug-in switch Mini” will recover when you change state, but the two “Plug-in Switch (Schuko)” will lose the led and needs to be un-plugged and reinserted for it to appear again.

I have re-paired them several times and even changed one of each for brand new ones but with the same result. Sometimes they will run for several days and sometimes it only takes hours until I lose them.

I have never had any problems with the Telldus system and this is not something a dare to build everything on. I hope that there are others that have the same problem so that we can get some attention on problem.

Before anyone comments on and asks why I don’t continue with Telldus… I’m looking for something modern and faster with the capabilty to add other protocols :grinning: