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Animus Heart?

Is this possible + best practice?


In my home theatre i have 3 z-wave devices. A Fibaro RGBW to control a built in led strip, a dual Fibaro Relay switch to control some spotlights (i use only one channel) and Qubino Flush Shutter to control blinds.

The RGBW has 4 inputs wired to wall switches.
The Dual relay has 1 input wire to wall switch.
(All switches are momentary stable (ie spring loaded))

Ideal i would like the switched not to affect the wired devices but instead select different scenes and turn both the led-strips and spotlights on and off and lower or raise the blinds.

I have managed to set scenes that preforme the wanted actions, but have not been able to “disconnect” the wired switches from actions on “local” hardware.

Is it possible to do? if yes, how?

(have tried to set virtual devices status depending on button presses but have not been successful) Please help.