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Issue with multiple timers

Can I cancel or reset timers?

Basically, I run a switch with timer based automation on/off by a button (and some time/temp parallel conditions in separate automatisation).

When on its on for 2h, then turns off.

The problem is that I get multiple timers if enabling/disabling it multiple times. The first triggered timer then always switches it off.

Is there a way around this? Im unable to solve this scenario with parallel virtual devices and scenes.


I second this request. I frequently has the same issue.

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If I understand you correctly, it should be doable like this:
Create a virtual device named “Timer On”.
Create a new automation and at When: “Timer On” is on, and tick Duration 2h, and tick Trigger only on change (under Advanced).
At Then do what you need when timer expires after two hours.

So from every automation when you need to restart the timer, set “Timer On” first to off and then back to on.
This will reset the timer and wait additional two hours :blush:
I hope this will solve your problem!

Edit: As noted by @JSJS below, “Allow loops” must be enabled in the automation since it’s triggered by a virtual device.


Aha, I did not acknowledge the “Advance” tab for the virtual devices. That made things a lot easier.

Your suggestion works as intended (also of course needs Loop enabled on the timer automatisation). Thank you!


Aaah, forgot to mention the loop-option, was a little to late in the evening when I wrote it.
Nice to hear that it works :+1:t2:


Hey guys (@Sohlman and @JSJS)

I’m trying to understand the Trigger only on change feature and since you use it, can you explain how it works?

Now when I’m writing this I get this idea that maybe it is that it doesn’t trigger the automation several times if I turn the switch on and off several times, but in this case the duration for 2 hours will not have been triggering the Then actions then anyway?

Trigger only on change is to prevent to run an automations when the state has not changed.

If a window sensor reports on open/close but it also reports occassionally what its status is; open or closed every 10 minute; Then this creates a problem if we want something to run when the window is being opened or when it is being closed.

And reset after x minutes is to ignore the above condition (“Trigger only on change”) if X minutes has passed since last event.

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