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Animus Heart?

Let’s meet in person 💪

Hi all,
Webhallen and Animus teamed up for a pop-up in store. You can come by Webhallen Sveavägen, Stockholm, today and in Täby tomorrow. If you are nearby it would be a lot of fun and I could answer some questions you have on spot.

Vi kan prata svenska också :slight_smile:


What??! Stockholm? What about Gothenburg?
We all know that the best of Stockholm is track 10 on the central station where the train leaves for Gothenburg. :wink:


Haha, it was not decided entirely by me unfortunately :sweat_smile:

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Generally i think it’s a really good idea for a smaller company to meet up the customers in real life to get a face of some of the people running the business, both for you guys and the customers. A good way to building up the “community-feeling”. So you guys should make at least a Sweden-tour :train: :bike: :blue_car: :kick_scooter:


Gothenburg would be closer to where I am too. If you decide to do a meetup there, give us a coupe months notice and I’ll probably be able to come see you. It’d be fun :slight_smile:

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Short notice for some maybe, but it’s happening in Gothenburg as well.
This Sunday around 11-15 at the Webhallen store in Nordstan.
See you there maybe! :slight_smile:


Just came from Nordstan in Gothenburg to meet up and have a really nice chat with these guys.

It feels GOOD as a user of the :animusheart: to be part of a home automation-system developed in and run from :sweden: and i have to admit, it will be very interesting and fun to continue following animus travel through 2020. Nice to see you guys! :wave:


Awesome foto! :heart_eyes:
A lot of fun to meet you all that came by today.

Thanks for the good talk @Exxpert!

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