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Lifx Day&Dusk Colour Temperature

Hi there,

I own a few of these Lifx bulbs and would like to set up the colour temperature via the Heart.
Is there a way do do this?


Hi, what do you mean about setting up color temperature?
If you mean controlling it from the animus app, then yes. And if you mean setting up via Automations, then also yes.

These bulbs are able to change the color temperature between 1500-4000 Kelvin, I use the Lifx-App for my wake-up automation to do so, but would like to do it with the Heart.
I can see no way to set the temperarure, I only can switch on and of and set the dimmer.

Okej, do you only have the Day&Dusk model or can you also try with a RGB model?
Also, I would suggest you reach out to the support with your question and wait for their reply there.

I only have the Day&Dusk bulbs.
I found out by chance that the hardware seems to be identical to the RGB models, looks like they only use different firmware.
Thank you, I will ask the support.

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Okej, because I’ve tried their RGB models and no issues with them. I can see the color-wheel in the app.

Great! :+1: