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LifX-lamps goes ofline and difficult to add

I have to two LifX-lamps. After having worked quite well for quite a while, they are now both suddenly offline. I lost the first one a couple of weeks ago and the other one recently. They are both available in the LifX-app, but impossible for me to reactivate, at least so for.
Any proposals how to continue?

It may be only a small solace for you, but I have the same problem, after factory-resetting the Heart I am not able to connect my LIFX-Mini again.
Look here.

Already started a ticket for this.

Just got myself a LIFX Z-Strip (really nice!) which I was able to include to the Heart, but only when adding the IP-adress, scanning the network didn’t work.

Encouraged by that, I tried the following:

  • deactivated 5GHz WiFi
  • resetted my bulbs and removed them from the LIFX-cloud
  • included them again with the LIFX-App, also assigning new IP-adresses.

Unfortunately none of the bulbs wanted to connect to the Heart, so there really seems to be something wrong with the LIFX package.