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Animus Heart?

Lights and plugs temporary off - no need to remove the device(s)

Problem: with Christmas soon arriving, me and perhaps a few others are adding a lot of power plugs, using them to control ordinary christmas lightings instead of my usual Zigbee and Z-Wave bulbs. When using voice commands to any of the available types of voice assistants, they will tell me (each time!) that the bulbs now upplugged are offline or unreachable etc etc.
This also applies in other situations than just Christmas, of course.

Suggestion: would it be possible to make the Heart put these unplugged bulbs or any other intentionally disconnected device invisible or not synced with, for example, Google Assistant?
I have tried to find a solution within Google and Alexa but without luck - but maybe this could be solved if it was possible to put the device in a non-sync state?