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Animus Heart?

Link multiple devices so they allways have same status


Is it possible so create a “trappkoppling” in a simple way?

I like to have 3 switches controlling 2 lights. The switch I am using are coolcam (Zwave double relay)

, i do not use the relay I only use it as a remote control to trigger an automation.

The switch is touch control and indicate on/off by color change.

I want to change the status off all 3 switches when touch one of the and also change status of the two light bulbs. I also want to control them via Google Home. The switches do not show up in Google only Root Device. I see the light bulbs in Google so I can control thru them, but with yet another automation.!

As for now I achieve my desired function by many automations, 6.
So many automation triggering each other is problematic, I often go in a loop and it is hard to stop.

Is there anyone who have a better solution for my confirmation so I do not need a lot of automations that risk going in a loop.


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Hi there,

a really pretty device!

Look here for the known issues, maybe this would explain your problem with only one endpoint showing up.

As for your automation question, why not use scenes, it’s the simplest way to keep your UI tidy and clear?

Or you might want to go the “hard way” and try to associate your bulbs, assuming they are Z-Wave devices, directly to the switches, if possible.

Hello @Olsen

I don’t get the idé with scenes. How do I trigger a scene? From a automation? Then I could put all different statuses in the “then” section of the automation, and I do not need a scen?!?

With a scene you can control mutliple devices at once.
The cool thing is, that one scene can be used in multiple automations.

Here’s an example of one of my scenes, this one is triggered by an automation when I leave the house:

You can also activate scenes via the dashboard or even with Google Home, by using a detour with virtual switches.
You can find a lot of ideas in the “Inspiration” category right here in this forum.

I can’t see what I am doing wrong. I have disable all other automations. but I must be making it over complicated. when I set up automatications for the 3 swtches to trigger eachother I get it to work but when I also want to have the lightbulbs the mix (the lightbulbs I can see in Google Home) thay start to trigger eachother in a loop…

When I write a flowchart (as I lerned in school 25 years ago with and/or/xor/not…) it is quite simple. but I still can’t transform it into a automation.

I think I have to let it go and clear my head. Probobly the ansver will pop up in my head when I do something totaly different.