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Link Telldus and Trådfri in one go?

I have several Trådfri and Telldus lamps and units, as well as Google Nest hub. Do I have to again take them one by one and press 4 times etc, (20 units) or can I link them all in one operation?

Hi @Stickan and welcome to the forum! I’m not sure I completely understand how you mean. Are you a first time user of the heart? If then, yes, since you can’t wire a telldus controller to the heart you need to add them separately to heart through add device process. Tradfri is a zigbee device and you therefore probably have a tradfri/hue bridge connected to the heart with them already linked. Therefore you don’t have to add them separately. Did I get it right?


Hi, Yes a first time user. I have a Trådfri Gateway, and finally I managed to link it. So now it just 11 Telldus units to add…Thanks for help. Guess that Clas Ohlso´n’s smart-plug-home are not in the family?


:+1: no, the Clas ohlsson line of devices aren’t supported due to a strange choice of protocol…

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