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Link to Philips Hue devices lost after power outage

Using Philips Hue connected to the Heart to control a number of IKEA Trådfri lights.
After a power outage the connection to Hue is lost - the Trådfri devices does not show in the device list.
Adding an IKEA device shows the Hue Bridge and allows me to add the lights again, but with their default name (e.g. “Dimmabe Light No#”). How can I retain the Hue connection after power loss/restart?

Try to restart the Animus Heart again. If that doesn’t work, try a restart of Hue.

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I have this problem as well. I hope this is a bug that can be fixed :slight_smile:

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Same problem here, hope fore a solution.

Just a thought, if you use the hue-app. Does it work to control the trådfri-devices through that?

Yes for me I can still control the lights in the Hue app. The Hue Bridge remains as a device in Animus but all devices through Hue GW are gone. To solve this I need to delete the Hue Bridge as a device and then add it again together with all trådfri devices.

I used to have the same problem. My solution was to give the hue bridge a static ip adress.
Becuse after a power lost my bridge got a new ip adress and my animus didnt find it anymore.