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Long term automation goals

Thought I’d share to get suggestions and feedback and maybe inspire someone. Feel free to write your wildest automation dreams below too! Let’s get this party started!

Maybe the most usual thing to automate and control. I want window lights to turn on based on actual light level, and not just time of day. I want lights that dims up a little when there is motion in a space during the night, for example someone visiting the bathroom or kitchen. And I want to be able to turn off lights I forgot on in the basement or garage, or when I leave home. I want lights at the front door and in the garden to turn on when it’s dark and there is movement.

I also want to create scenes I can set by voice command or buttons. Like, a scene for preparing the kids rooms for going to bed, turning off all the lights, closing the blinds, turning on nightlight. Another scene could be “good morning” dimming up the lights in the bedroom and opening the curtains, maybe play a predefined playlist and so on.

I want to automate the outdoor sunshades to be activated when needed, but only when it’s not too windy, and maybe not when it rains? It’s important to be able to override this too I think.

Activates and deactivates in some common way, maybe by giving a code and beeping a tag or something. When the alarm is triggered every light in the house turns on or flashes, except for in the rooms where there are movement perhaps? Unless there are a camera in that room? Every speaker inside the house and outside turns into a siren (or maybe even some are playing something by Darkthrone? That’d be a nice touch I think), cameras start recording. Some kind of message are sent to me and the wife or whoever we want notified. It would also be fun to create a robot to follow the intruder through the house, just to mess with his or her head I think! :smiley:

Should be able to talk to the alarm, and trigger scenes and events. Maybe the alarm is set when the front door is locked from the outside, and all lights except window lights are turned off. I want to be able to open the garage door using voice commands. It would be handy to be able to open a door for deliveries remotely or handing out temporary codes. For deliveries, preferably not the front door. We have a door to the garage that would be more suitable. It’s a space separated from the rest of the house, and we could even put a fridge and a freezer there for food deliveries. Add a camera, and put the most valuable tools in a locked cabinet and we’re all set!

Vacuum cleaner robot cleans the house after when the front door is and stays locked for an hour or so. Maybe not every day, but every other. The lawn mower is probably doing its thing on its own, but could probably send status and other info to the system.

Anyone have ideas for automating dusting, and all things associated with laundry?

…need water. Or at least so I heard, ours keep dying before I have a chance of trying to water them :wink: At the same time plants are good for indoor air quality and general well beeing. I’d like sensors that monitor moisture levels in soil, sending notifications when water is needed.

House status and well-being
Sensors keep track of moisture in attic, basement and rooms with shower or sauna or things like that. Triggering fans or dehumidifiers if needed. Another thing is fire safety. If a smoke sensor is triggered a message is sent to us and neighbours, beside from lights turning on and loud noises coming from small plastic boxes.

Energy and water consumption
Solar panels on the roof making electricity, vehicles charging, such as bikes and cars. Energy is used when it’s the cheapest. But most importantly I want to just keep track of what is using energy and how much. Same with water. And I want an UPS for keeping services running, like alarm, gateways, internet access, NAS and stuff.

I would like to be able to control temperature per room (somewhat) and time of day. I mean warmer in bathrooms from 5 am to 8 am, a few degrees colder in the whole house during the night.

The cat
I’ve seen connected cat doors, and I want one. Making sure only my cat can get in the house, and also keeping track of wether the cat is in or out would be great. I’d also want a food and water dispenser that notifies me when I need to refill it.

I’ve probably forgotten a lot of stuff, and might add that later. But do let me know what I have missed? Also, what have you managed to create, and how? What products, and how are they set up?


@Gordon I have to start with Light-section. I have the most of what you are talking about. The lights dim up when you are entering the toilet on night. That is easy with a automation thats states “IF” contact sensor (For me Nexa Mimst -1703) is on, AND time is between 00.00-05.30 THEN Ceiling-light on, dimmer 10%. And a different automation to shut it of after 10 min. (The Timer-thingy says 5s on the nexa-sensor but is overruled by this -ending-automation by setting a “Add duration, 10 min” under advanced-tab in the :animusheart: automations-settings.)

The same thing should work just fine for the window-lights if you use the light-sensor on the nexa sensor (or a z-wave alternative if you dont like 433 mhz) and just does not state any time in the on automation. Off-automation as usual with time.

The other things are quite the same with movement-sensor but for outside-use. For shut down of things when i´ m away or leaving home i use a google home and voicecommands., or… 6 of them… and if my wife reads this i use them as multiroom speakers as well :stuck_out_tongue:
In fact nearly all of my lights at home lights up by sensors or voice-commands. Nothing fancy, just some simple automations with :animusheart: and Google Home (most of them are minis i have picked up cheap) and some money thrown at mostly IKEA…

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A quote comes to mind, one of the fathers of modernist architecture, Le Corbusier wrote “A house is a machine for living in.” I quite like that. Start with what functionality you need and want, and design something that fulfills a practical purpose. A roof that keep the rain, snow or sun out. Walls that keep the wind out. And so on.

We’ve got self driving cars and space stations orbiting the planet. Why can’t my house give me feedback and status, or regulate the amount of solar gain my rooms are exposed to based on a set of parameters, without my input. That kind of automation should be the most basic kind there is.

Lights are next level I think. But it’s wierd we still manually turn on window lights when it gets dark outside, same procedure every day. And why doesn’t lights turn themselves off if you forget them on for a long period of time? :slight_smile:


Lovely quote. One could answer it with another quote.

Houses are built brick-by-brick. HOMEs are built word-by-word. Houses don’t build themselves. So YOU must build your home.

-Tara Fela-Durotoye

I guess what I’m trying to say is we need to start somewhere. We need to start with small steps. :slight_smile: And today we still need to build ourselves in order to get the roof/walls/automations. :wink:

Great automation plans you have btw. Here are two fun automations that I’ve considered building soon.

Washing machine
Connect an energy monitoring power plug to the washing machine and create an automation that sends a notification once the energy consumption has stayed at it’s lowest “stand-by” point for a certain time. (requires some testing and monitoring first)

Doorbell intruder alarm
I wish to connect multiple cheap doorbells (433MHz) to my alarm-automation that makes them all go bananas if an intruder triggers the alarm when I’m not at home. I believe that hiding multiple bells around in the home will make the intruders really confused and loose orientation. :speak_no_evil:


A slightly more poetic quote :slight_smile: I think I tend to focus on functionality to justify the investment and resources spent, but of course there is the factor of making a home feel cosy and yours too. That factor has a lot to do with memories made, good (and hard) times with family, friends or spent alone. News received, sunrises watched, fireworks watched and beers had in the afternoon sun. Could of course also be having control of the mood lights, I suppose!

I like how philosophical we’re getting. There is a reason for everything we do, somewhere deep inside, and it’s always fun to see if that reason can be uncovered through conversation!

Those are two interesting automations. The first one I could see me having too. Having that info in a dashboard, and maybe getting a notification. But the dream would be triggering a robot to hang it, iron it, fold it and put it away. That is something I’d back in a crowdfunding campaign! I saw a product called “Iron man”, I think, a few years ago. But it only solved the ironing part, sadly.

The second one is hilarious and if I understand it correctly very Alice in Wonderland to me :smiley: …rather surreal! Every ringer set to a different tone!

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