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Looking for compatible outdoor switch

Hello! I have a lamp switch that controls my outdoor lights. Can I install something that gives me the possibility to not go outdoor to light them? Would like to be able to light them both with Animus and manually?


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Hi there,

maybe replacing your existing switch with something like the Fibaro Walli would do?
Or placing a mini smart switch behind your existing mechanical also should work.

Yes that is no problem, you can use fibaro Switch modulene or nexa an179 and many more like this.

I have use it siple, plug like nexa in a box, and it goes on whwn sun goes down and off rhen sun goes upp. If I must turn on or off I have a remotecontrol.

And I won’t have to buy the Fibaro gateway then?

I can’t find any info if they are IP classed for outdoor usage…

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I can confirm that the Fibaro Single Switch works with Heart, also many other manufacturer’s devices are listed as compatible.

Hm, somehow I assumed, your recent switch would be located indoors, so maybe better consider a mini-switch.

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Is that the kind located inside the available switch that is placed outdoors today?