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Animus Heart?

Lost all Z-wave devices, why?

My Heart controls a bunch of different devices. IKEA lights, Z-wave thermostats z-wave- and 433Mhz- switches. For some reason all my z-wave devices are gone since since a few days. Anyone experienced anything similar? It also lost connection to the IKEA gateway but that re-appeared after a couple of restarts.

Is there a way to find them again? Or do I have to go through the trouble of turning main power off, pulling thermostats and switches from the wall sockets to re-include them? Not to mention remembering and rewriting all my scenes and automations. That would be awful!

Did anyone experience anything similar? The only thing I did was buy and set up a second Heart.

Never mind. I attempted to include them again but the z-wave module would not start up. They showed up again after another restart. Slightly unsettling…