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Motion sensor and lights

This is my first try with automation in animus and I havent found any simular question here.

What is the best way to control lights through a motions sensor?
I have a lamp in my balcony connected to animus via 433 and it works fine to switch it on and off in the app.
I also have a motion sensor connected to animus and it triggers as intended when detecting motion.

What is the best way to have the motion sensor turn on the lamp during 6pm - 6am, and also to turn off the lamp if there has been no motion trigger for 5 minutes?
I dont seem to have duration options availible in the app.

Thank you!
I love lamp

Du får använda dig av Automations och trixa med en Virtuell Button för att få till det där med 5 minuters timers. Se här t.ex.