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Animus Heart?

Need help with complex automation

I have tried to make an automation/scene that acts differently depending on time of day/night. I have not succeeded. How would you guys solve this?

It should be able to;

Manual trigger

  • When OFF and triggered by anything but motion, and time is between X & Y:
    – dim-level set to 30%, and stays on at minimum 30% until manually OFF

Turn light on by movement

  • When OFF and triggered by motion at night between time X & Y:
    – dim-level is set to 30% and turns OFF after Z minutes

Raise light level temporarily on movement

  • When ON and motion detected between time X & Y:
    – dim-level is set to 50% and back to 30% after Z minutes

On devices with scripting abilities, this is quite easy, but on the :animusheart: it seems to be a challenge… I would be easy to create separate automations that do one of the above, but how do you make sure they don’t interact/interfere with each other?

Up for a challenge? :wink:


Hi there,

this IS challenging! :upside_down_face:
Which devices are being used?
How far did you come with this?

Don’t think anyone will ever get this done in one single automation. :thinking:
I would use as much variable as possible, in this case virtual switches for “time between X & Y”.
Sure, this requires plenty of new automations, but once added, you can use them in other automations, too, I do it a lot.
OrI take the Heart’s Halo as an indicator for being awake/asleep.
Also you can make use of the presence feature or the day/night service.

With all this you can keep your automations simple and clear and also reduce the risk of interfering with each other.

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Hi! Glad to offer a challenge!

I was about to shelf the idea yesterday, but then thought someone here might have some clever ideas (as so often happens) :slight_smile:

I scrapped what I had since it did not work very well at all, or not at all as intended would be more accurate. I need to draw up some schematics of this and subsequently substitute each part with a working automation… I think. If I am able to is another matter, hence the plead for help…

I thought of using virtual switches, but failed to engage them correctly. Maybe I shouldn’t have posted without my previous findings, but got a bit frustrated… :woozy_face:

For this I will use a HUE (zigbee) motion sensor and bulb and later the WallMote as manual trigger.

How would virtual switches be used for “time between” statements? They hold the state, but where do the time come into play? That was the main (thus far) difficulty I had…

That’s what I often wanted to ask here, do you use flowcharts to plan your automations?

I think using a timer is the easiest way:

Otherwise you have to create a second automation to turn it off again.
Or you may want to create a scene with timer function.

Most of my VS were triggered through Google scenes via voice command, but standing in a dark and cold apartment in the morning two days ago made me think this over. :wink:
This is were the WallMote could come into play, placed in a central spot you can also trigger VS.

But always keep this in mind when using VS!

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I do use this to plan just about all other things, so think I will give it a shot here as well :slight_smile:

Agreed a timer seem like a good way forward. I will spend some time later on to put something together.

:thinking: Didn’t the cloud have some problems a few days ago, also including access to Google Home?

…which reminded me of the fact, that I own a smart home solution that also works offline and also showed me, that I was relying a little too much on Google. :roll_eyes:

So i decided to rebuild some of my automations, but until now I didn’t even start, since I don’t want a complete revision.
Maybe just moving some things from GH to the Heart…
Or better, creating some alternative triggers using the WallMote and the Fibaro FOB, but that requires building tons of new scenes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think, your planning tool will become in handy for that, thank you.

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After drawing some I realized… Since the :animusheart: can’t see the motion sensor… How can I exclude it from triggering since that is handled by the HUE bridge… I think this will have to wait until the HUE is integrated with the :animusheart:, hopefully letting me see the peripherals, not only bulbs as it is today…

At least you have the flowchart for future use. :wink:
Is there a way to configure the sensor using the HUE bridge?

After trying to draw for a while yesterday, I decided to rather be pragmatic and simply added a few more scenes to rebuild the automations from GH and linked them to the buttons of my WallMote and the Key-FOB.
The documentation has to wait. :roll_eyes:

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the way I see it (may miss something) the sensor is hidden in the HUE realm until Animus integrates it. It is of course configurable using HUE bridge, but status would not be known to the :animusheart:. Maybe the API could be used somehow for that, but I’d rather keep it simple. It will be a bit complicated anyway… :slight_smile:

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I strongly feel, that it’s my duty doing some missionary work here. :relaxed: :
Did you consider using a different sensor for this purpose, e.g. the Aeotec Multisensor 6, works like a charm and offers way more options to build you automations?

I have no idea how to make use of that.
But right, keeping it simple and stupid is mostly the best idea. :slightly_smiling_face:


I haven’t really thought that through, but the thought did come to mind. But as so often, you buy something and well, it didn’t work out the way it was supposed to, so… This time thought I’d at least go for a PoC first, if possible. The Aeotec sounds like a nice device, maybe a bit much for my hallway though. Don’t have much UV or humidity there (I know of), so if anything, maybe the Fibaro Motion sensor will do a decent job. Little cheaper, 2 sensors less, for me a lot cooler looking… :slight_smile: But that is of course second to great functionality… :slight_smile:

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UV is mostly useless unless you use the sensor outdoors, right.
But i use luminance a lot in my automations, which sometimes can be way better than day/night or sunrise/sunset.
The humidity sensor made me buy a humidifier for my living room. :wink:
I have 2 Fibaro and 2 Aeotec sensors and if I had to choose again, I would buy Aeotec.
The Aeotec sensors can be powered by USB, the Fibaro sensors need a battery change every 3-4 months, so spending a few € more will be worth it.

Yes, this feature made me buy 4 Fibaro TRVs, but in retrospect I would rather have bought some Eurotronic devices and used the Aeotec support (they rebranded this device), which is really fast in answering your questions, and they know, what they are talking about.


Good points!

I take it it’s z-wave? :wink:
Luminance is great, I use it somewhat with the HUE motion detector, but what you talk about would be useful for real. I might have to work a bit harder to afford those extra bucks then… :smiley:
I live small, but hey, too much automation? Not possible… :joy:

Nope, it is as unsmart as could be, a simple Philips HU4814/10, but doing a good job. :relaxed:

Me too, which doesn’t prevent me of operating 20+ Z-Wave and a few WiFi-devices on about 65 m². :upside_down_face:


I haven’t really thought of humidity inside… Maybe too low humidity has to do with all the dust in the air? :slight_smile: Maybe your’e on to something. But I couldn’t buy a dumb device… It must react somehow to the humidity sensor, or how did you set things up?


This device has an internal sensor and keeps humidity on a certain level, so it is somewhat smart, though it won’t report this.
Low humidity has to do with dry eyes, skin, nose and lips, coughing and things like that, especiailly during winter time you should have an eye on it.
According to what I read, you should get a device that evaporates water, all this ultrasonic stuff seems to spread germs,

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Hm, wonder where to get one of these… Might have to order from Germany… But then again, I bought a air cleaner which I really don’t use… I shall keep this in mind though.

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With about 35RH% in my livingroom, I was absolutely sure that I will make extensive use of this device. :wink:

Long time no see guys! :smile: I aim to create the same automation for use in the hallways in our house. I think it’s common enough Animus could have a readymade hApp for this. I have a Aeotec multi sensor 6 and will probably install a Fibaro dimmer behind a switch as the next step of experimentation. I use light, temperature, humidity and movement, but not all of them in automation yet. I do miss that logging feature we have talked about.


Welcome back, Mr Freeman. :wink:
As as you can see, we made sure that it wouldn’t become too quiet here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you enable “selective reporting” (parameter 40) for the MS6 or do you let it report at a certain time interval?

Please let us know, if you made the Fibaro dimmer work, since it is stated as “partly compatible” only, I would be curious what this means. :thinking:

Meanwhile I let my Z-Way server do the logging, it only provides a 24h history of the sensor values, but that’s fairly enough for analyzing.

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