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Animus Heart?

New API, what are you gonna do with it?

As topic, how do you plan to use it? :nerd_face:


I wish I was a programmer now… :frowning_face: I believe my creativity can still be of assistance in this topic though. :slight_smile:

Here are some things that I wish I could make:

  • A customized Dashboard for my tablet, showing me only the information that is useful for my routines.
  • Maybe not as sexy as the first one, but would be cool if one page in the tablet would show a graph of the local temperature inside and outside over time.
  • A digital swear-jar. Everyone at home has a dedicated button on a cheap 433MHz remote and every time a person swears, one push on a button ticks a number on a page somewhere. At the end of the year, it’s revealing time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could probably come up with a lot more, but I’ll hold it here for now.


Oh, the possibilities. I think, because I’m not a programmer either. I’ll have to learn!

I’m thinking a screen or magic mirror, or touchscreen dashboard, that show status for household bots, robot vacuum, robot lawn mower, and room scenter. In the future also washing machine and lights and stuff. I also want a graph that show temperatures, inside and out, energy consumption for different things over time. Alarms for things like air humidity in the attic, or water leaks. Also, maybe show progress for my 3D-printers, when they are working. A connection to recieve any Swedish VMA-message (important message to the public) would also be interesting.

I wonder if there are any programmers on the forum, lol!

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First plan is to add iPhone “shortcuts” and migrate lights I want to control occasionally from my Vera Secure.

Then i will hack some python script reading sensors data by ws and store in a InfluxDB database, which I present using Grafana on tablets mounted in my house. This is also a step to abandon my Vera Secure.


I’m working on an RPi that will pull the status, (online, offline) and push to a website or app for notice on android or chatsoftware (aim, skype, msn, irc or something) so that when a device goes offline i can get a notice.

I have requested the same notice-feature for automation to catch powerfailiure or zwave network problems.


Sounds neat! Looking forward to progress! :+1:

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Now when we have access to the API

can someone point me in the right direction or write i guide, on how i could logg the information from my temp sensors.