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New major release - ACRE

Hey Friends!

The Animus team is preparing for a bigger software release this fall. There is no official release-date yet, but more info around it is to come.

News link: https://www.facebook.com/512717162229692/posts/1274516782716389?s=1186703382&substory_index=0&sfns=mo

There will be no hardware changes.


Nice! Can’t wait :blush: Looked like the GUI got a new look? I like the current one, but I’m sure any change there will be fine as well. Just wanted to say I especially like the app icon, it’s a fresh breeze on my phone home screen, next to a lot of boring flat ones.


A pretty specific thing to mention, but I like that you did :wink:

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Haha, I know! A bit odd, but the devil is in the details :wink:

we need more hints for this :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, more pretty please :smile:

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Getting close now :slight_smile:

Seen from video: Add more homes to the same app/account.
:animusheart: :animusheart: :animusheart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What a teaser! Looking good!

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Any more teasers? :yum:

Next week they said in The latest teaser, were is ACRE?

As Vigge wrote on Facebook, ”The week isnt over yet”


then it should have said next weekend :slight_smile:

Easy, folks, let the guys take their time. :relieved:

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Still one day left of the week :grin::tada::tada::laughing:

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What… Are they going to release it just before midnight so they’re still able to say it was released “next week”
Every disappointed in the way they’re communication or the lack of… If its going to be delayed just say so and be honest.

Announcement regarding slightly delayed release. :slightly_frowning_face:

[SWE] Vi var nog lika ivriga med att få ut det som ni att få den nya versionen.

@hr.moeller sure, it’s not normal to be working Saturday and Sundays, but the team really wanted to give you the release for this weekend.


I bet the Devs are doing their very best, and I for one rather have a well tested, stable release over a stressed out dito any day. :slight_smile:


My point is you already knew that you needed more time yesterday or at least this morning, so you could have made the announcement a lot sooner.
Always get ahead of a problem when you know there is a change for any form for delay.

If you plan a major upgrade of a system in a enterprise environment you let the users/customers know if something have come up, same practice should be applied here.


I wonder if it will be possible to postpone this upgrade or if it will install automatically?

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How is it going with the release? Is it coming this week or you need more time?