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Animus Heart?

New major release - ACRE

The eariler Updates u was supposed to go into the GUI and choose update, i belive this is the same

It is here! But yet, the new app seems to be missing in play store. :thinking:

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New release out!! :ok_hand::muscle:
Thanks AH team for this!!


Yep, don’t see it yet either… :thinking:

I could see the app directly. Everything is up and running.

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Iphone or android on the phone?

Great first view :+1::+1:. Looking forward to manage both Animus Hearts from one account!!


I can’t find the new app either, Android :confused:

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Menar du Apple eller Android?

Jag menar Android, playbutik

Welcome both @e.muhire24 and @olleb! :bouquet:

Sorry, from app store. So iPhone.

Takes from a few minutes to a few hours for an update in Google Play

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Probably google who’s delaying it… Wouldn’t be the first time… I’m currently not happy about how they managing google assistant… But that’s another story…:roll_eyes:


This time it’s not an update but a whole new app. Don’t know the procedure/time in that case

Hmm OK.
Updated the Heart but can’t control it now since I don’t have the app :sweat_smile:


Same here :joy: :sweat_smile:

Edit: seems like we stress the forumserver :smile:

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Why are AH sending out an email, about the new app before uploading?

Use the browser to control!


@e.muhire24 Thanks! A good tip for everyone! :gift: