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New Release 1.3.17 - API available

There is a new release for Animus Heart, version 1.3.17!

Main new feature is:
REST API for Animus Heart so that you can start integrating the Heart with other systems.

See the complete release note here:


Adding a comment to the release of the API.

I have seen some discussions and questions regarding gathering of data in Animus Heart. Maybe this API could be helpful to those that want to receive data from e.g. Temperature Sensors and display them in a nice graph on a private site.


According to the documentation its possible to pull all the data from the devices connected to the Animus via a REST API.
I’m going to do the same but I want to make sure the Fibaro Smart Implant works cause I’m going to use 6 temp sensor in one location and another with a few temp sensor located elsewhere.