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Nexa Button Switches

So I have 1 newer Nexa button, WT2 and 2 older ones, LWST615. The WT2 workes but with the LWST615 only one worked. So as I was looking to expand I got a WT1. That did´nt work unless I was no more the 1,5 meter, roughly, from the heart making it useless for my purpose which is one floor above, about 3 meter strait. So I went and bought a WT2 since that works well, being placed about 3,5-4 meters from the heart, on the same floor. That also failed the same way as the WT1. Regarding the range and floor, Im controlling a socketswich on the other end of the house one floor down, about 10-12 meters from the heart, and that works like a charm. The button switches also have new batteries so how come some work and some dont?

This is not at all uncommon I’m afraid. Many vendors have this problem. Exactly what is the problem in your case is impossible to say, but very often it is the antenna that has poor connectivity in the devices. It is as you have notices, almost a lottery, if it will work good (at all) or not. My best suggestion is to read up on the specs of the button, and keep changing it until you get one that works as specified. Not ideal, but there’s no magic here. Hope it helps somehow and you get it going! :animusheart:

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Thanks for the feedback. Would it be a better option to switch over to z-wave instead?

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I really doubt that. If it is the antenna spooking here, the problem has nothing to do with the protocol used. If you like the button, try to find one that are up to specs. That’s what I would do

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