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Animus Heart?

Nexa EYCR-2300 works?

Does it work with the Nexa EYCR-2300 – plug-in?

There was no info in the Product compatibility list.

Due to the compatibility between different 433 devices the short answer is: “yes, probably”
If you have the possibility to buy and return if it’s not working i would take a shot, else go with something in the supported section :slight_smile:

And keep the device CLOSE to the heart when pairing.

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What @Exxpert said :+1:

Adding: The product have some years on its neck (några år på nacken), not sure the English translation is works :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I have heard of people who got this to work with Animus Heart. Although, I don’t have a name/link/reference anymore.