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Animus Heart?

Nexa firealarm


Tried to add Nexa bridge compatible firealarm but it seems Animus did not recognize the device when I tried to pair. Did not get any response whatsoever from Animus. Any idea?

// Niklas

Hi. I was communicating with Nexa about this with regards to another controller (not Animus) and Nexa replied that they prefer not to enable third party controllers to connect with their fire alarm products.
So I guess they will not share their parameters.
Just a comment! I haven’t tested!
// Henning :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing! I suspect you are correct as it did not work when I tried. Pitty though, as the nexa products are significantly cheaper than those with zwave… :frowning:

@niklas, what guides did you try for the firealarm and how did you go by to add it?

No guides besides what is stated how to add it to a nexa bridge, pressed the testbutton on the firealarm for 15 secs. That is to start the learning state apparently.

From Animus point of view I just tried to add it as any other nexa device such as a switch. Hmm… could that be a problem? Maybe I need some special parameters or something?

// Niklas

I would actually try one of the nexa sensor-guides instead of the switch (and also trying other brands in the 433MHz group is not too far fetched). Chances are they work as a motion-sensor or door/window sensor.

Good idea! Will give it a try before I return the firealarms back to the seller.

A few hours ago I manged to get one of smoke-detectors to registrate with Animus! Seems it was a lucky shot as afterwards I could not get any status from the device what so ever and when trying to pair another smoke-detector it failed every time. Strange though that it worked one time only…

Okej, there might have been a match on the protocol, but the issue was probably the distance then. Which guide did it work with?

No guide. Just tried over and over 5 times or so. Suddenly it was registered. But it seemed Animus Could not communicate with the device in a normal manner. If I press the test button I assume it should trigger the detector to send “activated” or something to the manager (Animus)? Nevertheless, the status was not changed (and had never been updated in the first place)

By guide I meant which process in the “Add new” device did you use? (Nexa On/Off sensor?)

Since there is no direct support with the device it’s hard to get it working perfectly. But thanks to 433MHz being a bit of a “wild-west”, it sometimes works with a bit of tinkering. One test could also involve triggering the fire detection sensor with a match stick and during the fire alarm scan for the device via the Animus Heart app. (Be careful with the match sticks though)

I’m also very interested in getting this device to work. It actually was my main reason for getting the Animus Heart. Obviously I hadn’t found this thread before purchase …

The technical difficulties and Nexa’s apparent unwillingness to cooperate aside, I just want to emphasis the great benefit from getting this to work. Compared to almost any other automation, smart fire detectors is such an important implementation - literally potentially lifesaving …

I have a relative with impaired hearing that naturally removes his hearing aids when going to bed. He recently slept through a fire alarm without reaction, but luckily it was a false alarm. After that I begun hunting for some way to complement the sound with a flashing light and/or a physical buzzer.

Yet there are so few options out there, and those that do exist are either really expensive or very limited in their capability. To get interconnected smoke detectors in all rooms (10) with the added capability to trigger a light or another device, the price for the detectors alone would be well over $1000. Except for this Nexa detector which would be only around $230. But then I’d need the extremely limited Nexa bridge as well, and can only connect it to other Nexa devices.

With that said, I have failed to connect the device to the Animus Heart using any of the supported 433MHz device guides. I’ve tried using the testing mechanism on the detector, but the Animus Heart hasn’t recognized anything at all. Though I have no experience in configuring supported devices so maybe I’m not waiting long enough.

I’m also not sure if the test radio signal is the same as the actual alarm signal. And since the detectors can be configured to work as a mesh or to connect individually to the Nexa bridge, I guess the signal is altered through the connection process.

Would it be possible for you to reverse engineer something like this? Is that how you normally add new devices or do you rely on the vendors to publish their communication protocols?

It seems like you are quite depending of the safety-concern in this topic with your relative and all that. There is of course devices with z wave, ex from m.nu. but i would not suggest to buy them and use them in your setup, and it has nothing to do with the reliance on the heart or any other smart hub for that matter. As little as i think smarthomes should be connected with burglar alarms, equal the same is it for me to connect a smoke detector to a system that is life-depending for a person. I would buy professional devices that is made for the task and that brings that stability that is necessary.

Thanks for your input.

Maybe you’re right, but at the same time I’m not sure what guarantees on stability those so called professional systems can provide. Technically the sensors seems almost identical to this much cheaper Nexa device. There are som where the receiving devices (e.g. flashing light) are battery powered as well, and that is of course great in case of a power outage. On the other hand, they often don’t provide interconnection to the alarms in the individual sensors, so to get the level of safety I’d like, where the alarm goes in all rooms when fire is detected in one of them, not only would I need to buy 10 of these expensive devices, but also 10 “normal” interconnected fire alarms. And the lifetime of fire sensors are not very long, so this isn’t a one time cost either. To me this is a hard decision.

All technology can fail. I would say the best way to increase reliability is to;

  1. Have multiple systems. So, mount smoke detectors that have their own trigger system and alarm system. (even the Nexa fire alarms probably have). Then complement with integrating it to a system like Animus Heart and build multiple notification systems around it like, send e-mail, turn on all lights, turn RGB lights red in the room of fire detection, etc.
  2. Test them regularly.

Since that firealarm from Nexa is not officially supported, I would not recommend to use it. Then a Z-Wave smoke detector is probably best. Look at Popp or Fibaro.

To answer the question on how to add this 433 device to Animus Heart: Short answer is the developer needs to listen at the frequency and read which protocol is being used. Then build a support for that protocol in Animus Heart.


Thanks for your advice. I had not seen Popp’s smoke alarm before. It actually seems better than most other (and more expensive) options in that it supports interconnection between the individual sensors/alarms and Z-wave in addition to that. This looks like the kind of functionality I was hoping for. Need to look further into this.


Animus should then clearly mark that Heart does not support these devices in the compatibility list which is not the case presently.