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Nexa LBST-604 (Brightness sensor) connectivity problem

I recently bought a Nexa brightness sensor (LBST-604) and it seems that the Heart is having a really hard time receiving any signals from it. I managed to pair it to the Heart by holding it next to it but even after it has paired the only way to get any signals from the sensor to be received by the Heart is to keep holding it right next to it. If I move it just 10 cm from the Heart it does not seem to receive any signals at all.

If i connect the sensor to a Nexa powet outlet (EYCR-2300) on the other hand, I can move to the other end of the house and the signals from the sensor have no problem finding its way to the outlet. Hence, it seems that there is nothing wrong with the sensor’s transmitter.

Any idea what might be wrong?