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Animus Heart?

Nexa LMLT-711 + MLR-1105

Hi! I try to install a doorbell that i like to ring when My door opens. I paired the LMLT-711 with animus but i cant find out how i get it to ring when My door opens? Cant choose anything in the meny :frowning: can i pair the “speaker” separetly?

Hi there,

a little more information would be helpful:

  1. did you pair both devices with the Heart?
  2. what is the “When”-condition in your automation?
  3. as far as I found out, the LMLT-711 is a push button, so which device is supposed to ring the bell when you open the door?

Hi the “speaker” is MLR-1105 and i dont know how to pair it… thought they would pair togheter when i paired the push button…

I know how to set the automation bit want to know how i paired the “Bell” so i get it in animus :thinking:

I don’t know much about RF433-devices, but I think the bell can not be paired with the Heart since it is a “passive” device that can only be triggered by an RF433-actor like the push button.
But please don’t pin me down on that.