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Nexa MEBT-1706 (SOLVED)

just got the nexa button MEBT-1706, installed it as a sensor. because thats was the only way Animus would find it. make an automation for “on” pointing to two devices. Everything works fine, but when i make an automation for the “off” and pointing att the same devices. it screws everything up. when i press “on” the devices switches on, but automaticly turns off instantly.

Any suggestions?

Don’t have the actual device but it does not matter in what position the button on the back are?

i have tried the switch on the back, it’s for the “smart mode” if u are using nexa. soe u can have different scenes. “normal” mode is in position 1, just on and off.

in position 2 and 3, nothing happens at all.

That was just a longshot… I do think that it’s strange that the :animusheart: does not recognize it as an on/off switch. In my thoughts it would be a closer match and not a “sensor”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Have you tried the other brands when adding the button?

solved it, it doesn’t find it with any of nexa’s remote controls only with the sensor. removed it and tested the other brands remotes. Got a match with the telldus remote control. So now it works :slight_smile:

Mods edit: Moved to issues and marked as solved // Exxpert