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Nexa WTE-2 433Mhz wireless switch issue

I am having extremely poor communication range with Nexa WTE-2 433Mhz wireless wall switch. It is somewhere less than meter only if both devices are it in direct view.

Does anyone have experience with Nexa WTE-2 or similar 433Mhz device?

Since I noticed several posts in the forum about bad communication for 433Mhz devices. Would it be possible to boost range by modding :heart: with external antenna?

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I’m liking the thought of external antennas, for all protocols. I know, I know mesh is the shit. But the thing is, to achieve maximum coolness factor I wanted to mount the :animusheart: in my glass-door-metal-sidepanels-server-rack-cabinet. You know, as part of the main infrastructure of the house, the heart with its glowing LED halo. I know it’s stupid :smiley:

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I have a WTE-1 that works just fine with the Animus Heart, well over 5-6 meters and through several walls. I also have: Nexa LMDT-609, Nexa MIMST-1703 and Nexa WBT-912.
The only problem I have with Nexa 433Mhz products are that the switches are not 100% reliable when they are sending to Animus Heart. I often had to press switches more then once to get any response. So I replaced most stuff with Z-wave products instead.
The Nexa MIMIST-1703 motion sensor works very well on the other hand, and I use several of those.

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@sir_grepen welcome! I have the same experience with mimst-1703. Works well but it is a little slow to react.

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