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Nexa zv-9101 dimmer Works, but cant on/off

The dimmer Works. But i cant onoff The device, with either app or The actual lightswitch.

When you paired the device, did you keep it really close to the heart?

Well no, quite a hassle. Or i gotta buy really long cables, cant pair offline right?

But ofc there’s wifi.

I cant put in parameter commands or something?

Else ill try exclude then pair it once acain but with animus closer? :confused: control ler for quite a bit cash cant pair devices with just a Wall between?

The thing is, in the pairing process when the animus and zwave-device (And i quess that you already know and it’s not my meaning to downgrade you (might be i just misunderstood :smirk: its hard to tell just by text) but as your device is a z-wave plus, it doesn’t rely on wifi at all but a 868,42 mhz frequency.) is discovering each other, there’s like an interview process where animus asks the device which services (like on/off, dimmer and so on) it supports.

Imagine two rooms and a job interview where you are in one room and the other person is in the other room next to it. It’s really hard to hear their talents through the wall. Thats why you need to put the heart quite close to it. So the heart is able to “hear” every service the device can do. Afterwards you can easily put your heart back in it’s common position in your home.

If you have your heart connected through wifi it should just take a extension cable for power and try to pair it closer. Unpair it and try again closer. Could you? :slight_smile:


Jumping in to this thread since I also have a zv-9101. I can add it with the wizard but I cannot get it to turn on via the app.
Now I am very new to this so most likely it is me that is doing something wrong. But any ideas are welcome to get this working.

Hi there,

if the function “Switch” shows up and you are absolutely sure that the inclusion worked fine I assume that this device won’t work with the Heart, also it has not been tested by the Animus team yet.
In case of doubt bring the Heart close to the dimmer with an extension cable and include it again, that’s what I had to do with my Fibaro TRVs to make them work,

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Hi Olsen,

I have them very close when adding 10 cm on my lab table. No switch function from what I can see, however there is a slide function added
What I do get after it is added if I go in to the setting of the device is.
Primary function:
Command class basic
multilevel control

Also further down I see zwave parameters, tried to add some parameters from the documentation of the device but it seems to have no effect.

10cm is close enough, right. :wink:

What’s missing in your enumeration is the switch.
I had exactly the same behaviour when first failing to add an Oomi bulb as a secure device.
So make sure that the dimmer was added with S0 security:


It is added with s2 unauthenticated and there is no switch on feature.
Guess I will have to wait until it is added by Animus team

So obviously not an inclusion problem.

When looking at the manual I found that the command class “SWITCH_BINARY” is not in the list of supported classes.
I’m not a pro at all, but could imagine, that this is the reason for the missing on/off function.
I know it sounds strange, but maybe ask the Nexa Support for this?

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@berglund072 did you find any solution to this problem? I face the same problem.

I bump this thread since I am facing the same problem. No on/off option in the app, only the dimmer slide. Anyone have a fix for this?