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No color, Trådfri RGB E27 via HUE

I have a couple of Trådfri RGB E27 lights. I have paired them with a HUE brige that I control with :animusheart:.

The problem is that when they have been turned off for a couple of hours I can’t activate colors via :animusheart:. Not before I first chance the color in the HUE app then I can change the color via :animusheart:. If the lights have been turned off for a while, what ever settings i change in :animusheart: for any of them lights, I can only turn them on and off and change dimming, they will not show any color, only white.

Is it a Trådfri problem (I do not think so, function well with HUE app) or is it a :animusheart: problem?


I would initially suspect the Trådfri bulbs firmaware… I have a few Trådfri RGB E27 bulbs myself, and they work just fine, no workarounds needed. Have you tried to update the firmware of the bulbs? You’ll need a Trådfri GW or ask in your local IKEA store for help with it (I’ve heard they should help with this, never tried it myself)

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What firmware do you have in your Trådfri bulbs? I don’t have any Trådfri GW and if my bulbs are upp to date I do not need to go to IKEA.

firmware running in these are 1.3.009


…blir nog ett besök till IKEA.

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Ser initialt ut att ha löst problemet. /Tack

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Trevligt att höra! Finns ju så mycket som kan gå fel/krångla :slight_smile:


I have 2 of these running 1.3.002 firmware.
Both is working perfect in Hue but 1 is showing up as white bulb in the Heart.

Is it Trådfri firware upgrade to fix this to?


I did have firmware 1.3.002 and had some problem. After a couple of hours with the bulb turned off, if I tried to turn it on via my :animusheart:, it only was white, no color. In the :animusheart: GUI it still looked like it was a color bulb but I was not able to set or change color, if I via HUE-app changed color, I then was able to set and change color via :animusheart:.

So, maybe it will help you if you update the firmware.


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