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Animus Heart?

No PIN code after factory reset

I did a factory reset with the heart connected via cable. Then mobile app discovers the heart and updates it. I create a new account since I’ve lost the old credentials. Then the mobile app tells me to enter PIN. I’ve receieved no PIN even though I verified my account and logged in. I try to resent the PIn but the mobile app tells me “Faile! Could not send PIN to admin. Try again and if it doesn’t succeed contact admin”
A bit daft advice as I am the admin (I hope).
What now - a new factory reset and another email account?

Just got my heart today and have the same problem. Have tried a factory reset as well but no… I’ll give it a few days to see if we get an answer before I send it back and continue with my Telldus system.

If you have also checked for the email in spam folders then the only suggestion left is to reach out to the Technical support.

Well - I have reached out to tech support. But the point ios that the PIN email is not even sent.

Okej, it sounds more like you don’t have an internet connection to the Heart. Is it possible something in your router settings is blocking?
And do you access your Heart remotely?

I have checked my spam-filter and there is nothing there that could come from Animus. And as poionted out - it hasn’t been sent.

I tried to include i picture - don’t know if it works, but it is at the top of this page and basically says that “All outgoing email has been globally disabled by an administrator…” could that have something to do with this?

I have also asked for support - let’s hope we get it before the 14 days of return with refund expires.

It is difficult to check for Internet connection, but it downloaded and installed updates when initiated and after Factory reset so it shouldn’t be an issue. :thinking:

Try building an Automation with a send e-mail action and then press Test to send that email. See if you received the email, this should help debug.
This forum and the Heart emails should not share the same servers, so the message here on the forum wouldn’t affect.

It is extremely difficult to do anything since I can’t get into it and start a home. I just received it yesterday and I am stuck at the start.

Would it be possible to SSH into it and check connectivity?

I got my new Animus today, and I have the exact same problem as you! What is this? I have tried reinstall the app, hard boot the device, nothing helps. I just cant get the PIN to create my first home. If this persists I will return the device right after holidays.

Is there any default login User/PW?

I still haven’t been able to start using my Animus. I created a support case right away but haven’t heard anything from them. Is the company on the way to close down?

Hi guys, let’s not go there! This is a start-up with probably just s few clever persons doing their best. It is also Christmas and they need some rest.

We are all here frustrated looking forward to something new to do over the holidays and hope for a quick solution. I would guess that this is a server side problem and that nothing will change until they are back at work.

This will unfortunately not change the fact that I won’t risk my money and will return my unit within the 14 day return policy unless I get it to work.

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I have the same problem… if someone solves it, please post here.

Got my Animus Heart as a Christmas gift but I’m stuck at the installation as well as I cannot get passed the pin code activation for the exact same reason. Mildly annoying to say the least. Especially as we’re in the middle of the holidays so it will probably be long until there are any support to be found. I’ve sent them a message thou and now all I can do is wait…

Hi there!
I have the exact same problem, my Animus downloaded the updates and then it wasn’t able to get the pin with the same trouble as you guys.

I have the exact same problem. Hope someone will solve the problem. I have tried to do a factory reset but that didn’t fix it.

As we are several people with new devices with the same problem I think it’s safe to safe that this is a problem in the system-side. If they don’t get an alarm on this, that several new devices can’t get started with new PIN’s makes me a bit worried about general system monitoring.

Hi, i got in contact with them and they are working at the problem as we speak and will hopefully have an solution soon👍

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Hi all,
Latest status check: Problem has been located and the solution is In Progress.
So, there will probably be a solution coming out soon. Hopefully already today.