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Animus Heart?

No wifi or remote access

Since updating to “acre” the acces to the heart has mostly been restricted to Lan (wired), no wifi or remote access. Before “acre” everything worked as it should (same Router). On suggestions from support I have tried fixed IP, fixed channel, no 5Ghz, also several factory resets. Current status is, access only on Lan (wired), as long as I do not try the phone app. if so Lan connection will also be lost. Anyone else with problems like these?
My router is a Netgear R6220 (by Telia).

I have read that Vodafone Germany uses a special firmware for their AVM-routers, that limits the WiFi-connections to 25.
Maybe ask Telia if they do something like that?

IPv6 issues? I seem to remember an earlier post on that subject…