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Animus Heart?

Noob in need of simple guide for automation

Hi all,
If I want to switch the Christmas tree lights on at 7 and of at 11, then on at 6 pm and off again at midnight; what is the most sensible way to set it up?

The Animus-way I believe is to create two separate automations, one for lights on, and another one for lights off.

I use a slightly cleaner workaround, in which I create an automation that triggers at 7, then in the THEN statement turn on the lights/scene you want, add a timer for 4 hours, then turn off the lights/scene. Same for the afternoon schedule.

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Good question, and good answer too! I’m using my trust level to move this to Inspiration, as I found this very inspiring :wink:

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Thnx good folks,

Animusness, you answered my question exactly to the point!!

Thanks also for the suggestion on the timer, very clever!

This has to be a. fairly common task, and
It’s beyond me why it cannot be done in a single string of actions.
As opposed of building several separate lines of automations.

I’m afraid the latter will make the automation view cluttered with nestled instructions once I start adding automations for more products.

Not being a programmer, I assume there is a clever reason for this, that i just don’t see.

Kind regards


Thanks for those kind words! I do agree it should be possible to turn on/off a light/device in the same string of automation. I tried to get any of the devs to comment in this here; But they did not. Hope it’s on the list of things to come though.


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Yes, there is a couple of ways to achieve this with the Heart and it all depends on the circumstances which will be the best approach, especcially if there will come in more conditions or triggers on the way. @anon94114147 has a nice solution.

I would propose as an addition to make it a little more “live” automation, one can always add wait-timer as first action after the THEN.
E.g. set start at 6.50 and start with a timer with a random delay of 0-20 minutes. Then the automation will start somewhere between 6.50 - 7.10 and it would not look so static to the neighbours :slightly_smiling_face: