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Not able to add NEXA motion sensor LMDT-609

I’m not able to add device NEXA LMDT-609 (indoor motion detector) to the Animus Home. Adding the outdoor NEXA LMDT-810 works without any issues. Also note that the same indoor sensor NEXA LMDT-609 I can add to Telldus without any issues; so no problem with batteries, bad sample etc.

Hi and welcome to the forum @mjr1999

I don’t have any experience myself with these devices, but since they seem so similar they should both work. Can it be that LMDT-609 is positioned a bit too far away from Animus Heart? Try moving it or the Heart closer and redo the pairing-steps.

I have the same issues regarding NEXA LMDT-609 sensor. I am able to pair MIMST-1703 sensor but not the LMDT-609. New batteries, pairing close to the bridge etcetera without any luck.

The LMDT-609 is placed next to the Heart when trying to pair. Also tried new batteries, different LMDT-609 device (I have a couple), but Heart does not seem to recognize this one model type. Everything else I have paired up works great. Just this one model… Also note that the Telldus can see the LMDT-609, so must be something on the Heart side.

Okej, then there might be a bigger process involved. I will try to dig for more information from Nexa about this model. See if it differs in the communication-protocol.

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