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Animus Heart?

Not possible to pair with the Nexa RF433 Remote Mini

Pairing the Nexa RF433 Remote Mini does not work. The Heart doesn’t register the buttons.

Hi and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:
You dont specify which model it is on the remote but a general fix for nexa stuff is to reset it to factory settings and try again and keep it really close to the heart while you are pairing.

The model is Remote Mini (KCT-510), the same as shown on the image in the Heart user interface.


There is no reset available on the remote.

I have tried different distances between the heart and the remote with the same result.

Hmm. And there is nothing at all when you press non of the buttons? Try also another remote in the install guide. For example proove or telldus or some other with more buttons to see if there is any reaction. Does it work with ordinary nexa outlets by itself?

Hi @joakim, I have that same remote and just tried it on my Animus Heart. It works just fine for me (version 1.3.15).
If the ID is already in the system the guide won’t snap it again. So it will feel like it’s not receiving the signal when it in fact is already in the system. Have you added this device at some other point before?

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Using the history command in the console I can see that the Heart can read it.
First the “1” button and secondly the “0” button.
But as mentioned it doesn’t show up in the pairing dialogue. I have quite a number of devices defined in the Heart but this one is not paired before. To be sure i tried to list all devices in the console to try to match the ID. I found the devices command but it doesn’t reveal the ID in the listing, not even using the -s option. Is there a way to get the IDs of the paired rf433 devices?

I tried also this Nexa remote with the same result.

Both remotes works fine directly together with a Nexa switch of this type. (Image missing as I was only allowed to upload one image.) Type PBR-2300.