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Notify if sensors battery level is getting low

I’ve made a simple automation to notify me of the battery-level of one of my PIRs is getting low. That way I can plan ahead and get new batterys before they stop working.

For notification I use webhook to send a message to Telegram.

Next steps:
If someone knows how to use the Animus API together with webhooks to check which PIR has low battry, so that we can specify the notifications to say f.ex: “PIR 1 has X% battery, please replace it”, that would be awesome.
I’m pretty green at this stuff myself, so I don’t know where to begin.

I know I can make one automation for each PIR, but that seems a bit overkill if it is possible to get this done with only one automation :slight_smile:


I have done automations on this but for every PIR sensor. There is not possible to send a “taylored” message that one specific sensor has low battery in an automation with several “when” as in your pic. It can of course be done by sending a webhook to animus but you’ll have to “decode” the response to know what device to add in a webhook to send to telegram or whatever app is used. What I’m saying is that it will require some coding outside of Animus…