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One way of integrate Verisure alarm status

I think a lot of us has Verisure Home Alarm and it would be nice to be able to create automations based on the alarm status (i.e home or away) in a reliable way.
Verisure doesn’t provide an open API for this so one has to find another way.
With this you only get the alram status (on/off), no other features like temp, window status etc…
In my case it requres some extra hardware, but it’s not complicated in any way.

  1. Use one of Verisure power-plugs and configure it to be on/off according to the alarm status in the Verisure app.
  2. Buy a cheap 230V relay on Kjell.com and connect the outlet of the power-plug to that relay so you set power to the relay when alarm is on.
  3. Connect the potential-free output from the relay to a zwave device that supports this, in my case a POPP window sensor that actually has an alternative binary input.
  4. In the Heart, create a Virtual Device named “Alarm” and set its status based on the zwave sensors status

And voila, the status of the alarm is now reliable connected to the Heart and can be used for trigger automations. Remember to allow loops i the aut, since they will be triggered from a VD.
Take into consideration that Verisure alarm takes 30 s to be active after entered code.
And there should be no security issues since we cannot affect the alarm in any way, only read the status.

Relay: https://www.kjell.com/se/produkter/el-verktyg/elektronik/elektromekanik/relaer/2-poligt-rela-240-v-ac-10-a-250-v-p36101
and maybe a socket for it.
POPP: Seems to have gone out of market! Any new suggestions for these wourld be nice, but you get the idea :slight_smile:
Edit: Maybe the smart-implant can be used for this?


Nice one! Creative! :+1: